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Camp Rules and Guidelines

1. Prank supplies are not allowed (i.e. Shaving cream, water balloons, spray paint, water guns/blasters, silly string) in the buildings or on camp grounds.

2. Adult supervision is required at the pool/Swim Lake/ Lake Front/Ropes Course/Warrior Course etc. At no time is a student to go to these areas without adult supervision.

3. Drugs, alcohol, any form of tobacco, firearms, knives, or any other kind of weapon, or fireworks are NOT allowed.

4. Appropriate Godly dress attire is expected. Casual clothing is acceptable during all activities. Shorts (for boys and girls), skirts and skorts (for girls) should be no shorter than fingertip length. One piece modest swimsuits are requested. Swimsuits should only be worn at the swimming pool. Shoes are required to and from every activity.

5. Please refrain from Public Display of Affection (PDA) with girlfriends/boyfriends.

6. No fighting, physical aggression or bullying will be tolerated.

7. All snack items must be stored in sealable containers to prevent ants and other insects in the dorms and meeting rooms. Texas Department of Health regulations prohibit cooking in dorms without kitchens.

8. Guests are not allowed to bring pets on campus. No pets in the dorms, conference center or meeting rooms.

9. Students are to respect all adult leaders and follow their instructions.

10. Any graffiti clean-up costs will be charged to the responsible parties.

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