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Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not allowed at Camp-51. We believe that campers will benefit from spending time away from texting, social media, and constant connection. One of the most foundational aspects of the Camp experience is to be unplugged from the world and insulated from everything else that may be going on in the world so that campers can simply focus on experiencing God and having fun. Campers will not have access to any phones during the session. However, please trust that if there is a legitimate need for your camper to call home they will be allowed. If you have an emergency or urgent message for your camper, please contact your Church’s Youth Minister/Group Leader.


You are also welcome to send letters to your student(s) during the week (please allow at least 3 days for delivery).

Camper’s Name

Lake Lavon Camp & Conference Center

8050 DR 735

Princeton, TX 75407


We encourage Students to bring an actual Bible, note pad and pen for reading and notes as they will not have their phone apps available. They are also welcomed to bring a camera (not a phone) to take pictures. Please see our electronics section for more information on other electronic devices at Camp-51.


All campers who bring a phone to Camp will be required to turn it in to their Youth Minister/Church Group Leader when they arrive and before they go through Camp check-in. Each church’s Youth Minister/Group Leader will keep the cell phones safe during the week and return them to the Students at the end of the week, before they leave Camp. Students are also welcomed to leave their phones at home.


Any cell phones that are found during the session will be taken up and given to that Student’s Youth Minister/Church Group Leader. 


If you have any questions or concerns please contact your Church’s Youth Minister/Group Leader.  

Electronics Disclaimer

Electronics Disclaimer

Under no circumstance will camp, staff or other campers be responsible for fixing, replacing or paying for any camper's cell phone or electronic device that is lost, stolen or broken.


Bring electronics at your own risk.

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