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Packing List

Bedding & Toiletries

1. Sleeping bag or sheets and blanket (twin beds)

2. Pillow

3. Charger and small extension cord (possibly needed)

4. Shampoo & Conditioner

5. Towels, wash cloth, and soap

6. Toothpaste & toothbrush

7. Hair Products

8. Deodorant

9. Shower Shoes

10. Additional Hygiene Products

Afternoon Activies

1. 1 piece bathing suite and cover-up (see Camp Guidelines for more information)

2. Sports Wear

3. Softball gear

4. Tennis Shoes - possible of getting wet

5. Sun block

Color Wars

Team Assignment Coming Soon

1. Red or Blue Clothing (depending on team assignment)

2. Red or Blue Spirit Gear (hats, face paint, glasses)


1. Bible

2. Notebook and Pen

3. Money for Concession Stand, Coffee Bar, and

afternoon crafts.

4. Clothing for Dress-up Days

What Not to Bring


No knives, guns, or fireworks of any kind


No expensive clothing, jewelry, or electronics is suggested


No alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products of any kind


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